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A Message from NTMWD Executive Director



Executive Director

Thomas W. (Tom) Kula

Our Water Supplies Need Average Rainfall, Consumers Urged to Assist in Extending Water Supply


The rains experienced in the north Texas area over the past several months have resulted in the reservoir elevations steadily rising.  The reservoirs are headed in the preferred direction with each wet weather event that occurs.  With continued increases in water supply capacities, we anticipate that the current watering restrictions will be lessened for the summer of 2015, as early as June 1.  It’s important we still continue to conserve water and consumers should still be mindful that the drought is not over. Wise water use is still needed.

Consumers can help especially during the summer by only applying the amount of water needed to maintain a healthy lawn. There are several tools available. By utilizing consumers will be notified through an email each Monday if the sprinklers or irrigation system should be operated. uses seven days of past weather data to determine if supplemental water is required to maintain a healthy lawn. NTMWD has partnered with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service to educate that lawns do not need watering as often as consumers might think. Sign up at  and become part of our growing membership.

The NTMWD Board of Directors is considering extension of Stage 3 seasonal watering restrictions (watering only once every two weeks) through the end of May in order to conserve our water for when we will need it the most, and that’s during the heat of the summer.  April and May are months that we typically receive the most frequent rain events. It is anticipated that watering restrictions will be lessened beginning June 1. 

Last summer, NTMWD asked cities and customers for their efforts in meeting or exceeding the 10% water reduction goals. NTMWD’s entire service area rallied with meeting the 10% reduction and an additional 17%. I applaud everyone we serve in exceeding the expectation in water use reduction!

Since no one can predict when the drought will ease, it is important that we all do our part to extend our current water supplies. This region is known for its unity and cooperation. The District was created with the vision of “Regional Service through Unity” and that motto stands strong today and will for the future.


March 24, 2015